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This is the first comprehensive field guide dealing exclusively with the birds of this spectacular region. It covers all resident, migrant and vagrant species found in Macaronesia (Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde). Over 450 species are illustrated (By Chris Orgill and Tony Disley) with full details of all the plumages and major races likely to be encountered. 


Concise text describes identification, status, range, habits and voice.


For visiting birders, I would unhesitatingly recommend this book as a must – there is no other guide like it.

– Scottish Bird News (June 2007) 


“Tony Clarke’s guide is more up-to-date, and more pragmatic in its approach, than any other work covering the Atlantic Islands, and should be required reading for every resident or visiting birder.”

– Birdwatch (August 2006) 


“Tony Clarke’s energy, enthusiam and awareness shine through time and time again – it’s a splendid achievement. I like his whole approach not only has he filled an important gap in birding coverage, he has done so in a way that, if slightly quirky, works very well.”

– Birds Illustrated (Spring 2007) 


“Tony Clarke’s superb new book covers all the species recorded on the islands to date supported beautifully by Chris Orgill and Tony Disley’s illustrations. This is an absolute must-have for the birdwatcher planning a trip to any of the Atlantic Islands.”

– The Visitor (13th September 2006) 


“This excellent guide is the first to deal exclusively with the birds of this spectacular region This has to be the field guide of choice for anyone visiting the islands.”

– Birdtours.co.uk (29th August 2006)

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