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The ultimate guide to the very best scenic and fun routes for camper vans and motorhomes around the mountains, coastlines and winding roads of beautiful Spain and Portugal. Forget hurrying. Forget putting your foot down and racing through sweeping bends.


Forget the understeer (whatever that is). Forget the blur of a life lived too fast. This is a look at taking life slowly.


It’s about taking the time to enjoy journeys and places for their own sake. It’s about stopping and putting the kettle on. Stopping to take a picture.


Stopping to enjoy stopping. How are you going to do it? In a camper van or a motorhome, of course. In this book we define the best driving routes around Spain and Portugal for camper vans and motorhomes.


We show you the coolest places to stay, what to see, what to do and explain why it’s special. We meander around Spain and Portugal on the most breathtaking roads, chugging up mountain passes and pootling along the coast. We show you stuff that’s fun, often free.


We include the best drives for different kinds of drivers; for walkers, culture-buffs, sea-swimmers and sun-worshippers. We include the steepest, the bendiest, the most picturesque and most interesting. And you don’t even have to own a camper van or motorhome – we’ll tell you the many places you can rent one to take you on the journey.


All of this is interspersed with beautiful photos, handy maps and quirky travel writing from the king of camper vans and motorhomes, Martin Dorey. So if all you want to do is flick through on a cold day and plan your next outing, you’ll be transported (albeit slowly) to cobbled streets, beaches, mountains and winding roads that make you want to turn the key and go, go, go!

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